Savinfax 3770/3770nf

Large workgroups perform hundreds—if not thousands—of individual document management tasks every day. To maintain high productivity in these demanding, fast-paced environments, you need easy-to-use systems that deliver exceptional efficiency and productivity. Like the Savin 3770, which provides quick fax transmission speed and convenience copying for stand-alone applications. The Savin 3770nf comes standard with a full range of advanced fax features, plus copying and scanning.

Vendor: Savin
Category: Faxes
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  ·  1.3 Quick Scan Speed  
  ·  15 PPM print Speed  
  ·  Duplex Fax Reception cuts paper cost and the Fax Duplex Scan Feature saves valuable time  
  ·  Standard Super G3 modem with JBIG Compression. Optional 2nd G3 Modem doubles thoughput and productivity  
  ·  1,280 pages of fax memory expandable to 2,200 pages  
  ·  600 x 600 dpi image quality for all digital copies, incoming fax documents and printed pages  
  ·  Optional Printing capability with either PCL5e/6 and postScript Level II compatibility  
  ·  High-resolution scanning for multi-page documents—up to 4.0 seconds-per-page for color—with the 70-sheet Automatic Document Feeder  
  ·  10 programmable User Function Keys for one-touch operation  
·  Standard 350 sheet paper capacity expands to 1,350 sheets
  ·  IP Faxing (T.38) allows for Real Time fax communications over a LAN or WAN without the cost of phone charges.  
  ·  Lan Faxing provideds multi-user workgroups with increased productivity by sending fax documents directly from their desktops  
  ·  Automatically archive all incoming and outgoing faxes to designated e-mail address.  
  ·  Web Status Monitor allows you to program e-mail addresses and fax numbers in quick, speed and groups dials and monitor the system remotely from a PC.  
·  Scan to E-Mail feature allows you to send color documents to any e-mail address in either a PDF, JPEG or TIFF format at up to 600 dpi resolution.
·  Duplex, Collate, Slip Sheet, Page Protect, Auto Continue, Auto Tray Select, Tray Lock, Font Storage, Watermark, Toner Saver, Edge Smoothing, User Code, Bypass Tray Print